Rolled disinfectant wipes and the updated Perini 702G NW rewinder bring Away-from-Home (AFH) markets up to speed

In light of COVID-19, disinfectant wipes have become top of mind for consumers and businesses alike. The market in North America alone is projected to top $15 billion by 2027.

Since keeping hard surfaces clean deters the spread of COVID virus variants and germs in general, it’s not surprising that the household wipes segment is expected to experience the market’s greatest compound annual growth rate.1

The numbers are in lockstep with a 500% increase in consumer demand for disinfectant products that disrupted the global supply chain of a major wipe and cleaning supply manufacturer.2 However, attributing the popularity of disinfectant wipes solely to COVID-19 isn’t entirely accurate.

Disinfectant wipes in the Pre-COVID 19 world

Prior to the pandemic, consumers were keying into concerns regarding health and personal hygiene. Consequently, personal care products — baby wipes, facial wipes, flushable wipes, and household wipes — were experiencing an uptick in purchases.

Turning to AFH, disinfectant wipes were finding a place in the medical sector, hotels, restaurants, and educational institutions of developed and developing countries. The wipes’ convenience made them efficient cleaning tools in these settings, and use only escalated across AFH environments as countries reopened after the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

It’s this general reliance on disinfectant wipes that makes the ongoing supply chain woes particularly worrisome. Compared to residences and other personal spaces, AFH environments are arguably more susceptible to disease spread, especially as countries and economies continue to cautiously reopen.

The benefits of the updated Perini 702G-NW with auto-coreless 

The general reliance on disinfecting wipes is driving manufacturers to reassess the stumbling blocks related to getting products to market. Difficulty in materials sourcing and cumbersome production processes compelled Valmet to lean into developing a simple and reliable rolled wipe converting line for AFH markets: the Perini 702G NW

A reliable industrial-use roll production machine in the tissue industry for decades, the updated Perini 702G-NW with auto-coreless helps you profitably meet market demand without compromising flexibility, quality, or safety. This innovative Valmet solution features:

  • Affordable automatic start-stop designed to run up to 550 meters per minute
  • An automatic mandrel exchange system, capable of running high-quality coreless products made from tissue and non-woven materials
  • A convenient floor loading unwind system that accommodates a variety of tissue and non-woven substrates on parent reels ranging from 40” to 110” wide
  • An integrated in-line slitter system provides adjustable product widths for rolls ranging from 4” to 20” in diameter, eliminating the need for a downstream saw
  • A dancer and draw roll web tension control system for consistent product rolling at maximum line speeds, all controlled safely and efficiently from an HMI panel positioned behind an operator guarding system
  • A servo-controlled perforation roll ensures quality and flexibility
  • A dry transfer system that eliminates water or glue on the mandrel once the web is cut to start a new cycle 

Disinfectant wipes are a necessity in AFH markets, and Valmet’s Perini 702G NW gives manufacturers a competitive advantage in meeting demand. Contact the Valmet team to learn more about how these innovations can help you stay ahead of the need — and your competition.


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