Reliable and efficient board making at Liansheng Paper PM 6

May 8, 2014

December 2012 was an important time for Liansheng Paper Industry’s newest production line as PM 6 was started up with record-breaking results. Within three hours the web was on the reel, stock was first fed into the machine, and a noteworthy start-up speed of 800 m/min was achieved. PM 6 is the first compact OptiConcept M–type production line to be started up, and it represents a new way to design, build, and operate a paper machine. The solution offers cost-efficient, high-quality, and flexible paper making.


Reliability and resource-efficiency in a compact package

OptiConcept M focuses on low investment costs and energy- and raw material-efficient flexible production with low operating costs. Modularity and a high degree of standardization provide vast energy-saving potential. Efficient technological innovations play a key role in energy and material efficiency. For example, a new compact dryer section design together with a high humidity hood provide a true energy-saving solution.


Good feedback from the project team

Xue Rong Jun

Xue Rong Jun, Project Manager:

“The most beneficial part of this new machine is the low consumption of water, electricity, and steam. In addition, project management really is one of Valmet's strengths. We really appreciate this.”

Wang Guimin

Wang Guimin, Production Manager:

”The design of walkways is more convenient and simpler. It has greatly enhanced efficiency."

Chen Liang

Chen Liang, Service Manager:

“Both the operation and maintenance are very convenient. During service, the time needed for changing parts is short. The vibration and noise level of our new winder are notably lower than with conventional models. The reel is easy to operate, simple and practical."

Wang Naicong

Wang Naicong, Automation Manager:

“We appreciate Valmet's on-site personnel's skill and working spirit. In addition, the formation and the paper profiles are practically among the best in the whole industry. The finest part of the machine is its design.”


Modularity and skilled project management mean fast commissioning

Liansheng Paper’s PM 6 is the result of combining the best technological modular solutions to experienced project management. “We are satisfied with the project as a whole. Valmet has real strength in project management. They really met out requirements here. When we were in difficulty, Metso’s personnel provided us with great understanding and support. We really appreciate this,” explains Xue Rong Jun.

OptiConcept M’s innovative industrial design and engineering facilitated considerably the assembly of Liansheng Paper PM 6. “The installation required 30–40% fewer working hours than a conventional project,” comments Xue Rong Jun.


Easy to operate and maintain

OptiConcept M has been developed for its end users – the mill personnel. Both visually and physically, it has been designed with the requirements of its users in mind. For example, the design of the machinery allows for easy and safe changing of rolls and wear parts, thus reducing the duration and costs of service shutdowns. “Overall, due to new technologies, the service workload is smaller,” says Chen Liang, Service Manager of Liansheng Paper.


OptiConcept M


Sustainable and high-quality packaging material with low operating costs

The market for recycled containerboards has good prospects, especially due to its sustainability as a packaging material: it is renewable and recyclable. At the same time, the requirements for containerboard quality have increased. Producing high-quality fluting is one of the key targets also for Liansheng Paper. “The packaging industry expects us to provide good products with high quality. For us, to succeed also in the future, it means that we have to produce the best end product with the lowest cost. Nowadays, everyone is buying in the same raw material market. So what determines your production cost is mainly energy consumption. Energy consumption is something that depends on your technology and partners, your process selection, your equipment, and, to a quite large extent, that is fixed at an early stage,“ summarizes Xue Rong Jun.