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Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda


Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., enrolled with the CNPJ (National Register of Corporate Taxpayers) under No. 46.861.449/0001-45, headquartered at Avenida Santos Dumont, No. 2283, Zona Industrial Norte, Joinville, SC, ZIP Code 89.219-730, hereinafter referred to as Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda and represented in the web site

For Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda, the protection of the personal data of all people with whom it interacts is a matter of the highest importance. To this end, this information will always be treated in confidence and in accordance with the legislation in force, in particular Law No. 13,709/18 (Brazilian Personal Data Protection Law or LGPD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais), Law No. 8,078/90 (Consumer Protection Code or CDC – Código de Defesa do Consumidor) and 12,965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet or MCI – Marco Civil da Internet).

This privacy policy is intended to inform you about how, to what extent and for what purposes we will process personal data.

In this sense, it is very important that this Policy is read and understood in its entirety and that, in case of any doubt, Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., is contacted through the channels informed at the end of this document. 


Important definitions

For the purposes of this Policy, we will use the concepts provided for in the applicable legislation, in particular those provided for in art. 5 of the LGPD. In order to facilitate the reading, the main concepts used are indicated below:

  • Personal Data: Means any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, that is, information that directly identifies a person, such as full name, CPF (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), RG (ID), photograph or information that indirectly identifies them, such as an email address, IP, location, etc.;
  • Sensitive Personal Data: Information that reveals the Data Subject’s most intimate characteristics, which may even generate some discriminatory treatment, such as racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, membership in a union or religious, philosophical or political organization, data referring to health condition or sexual orientation, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person;
  • IP (Internet Protocol): It is a set of numbers that identifies the Data Subject’s computer on the Internet;
  • Data Subjects: Natural person to whom the processed personal data refers;
  • Controller: Natural person or legal entity, governed by public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of Personal Data;
  • Processor: Natural person or legal entity, governed by public or private law, who processes Personal Data on behalf of the controller;
  • Processing: Any and all operations carried out with Personal Data, whether by the Controller or the Processor, such as collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of the information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction.


What data do we process and for what purposes?

As a rule, Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., will exercise the role of Controller of the Personal Data under its power, and may in some cases share them with other Controllers or Processors, as explained below.

Personal Data Processed by Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., can be classified according to origin as:


  1. Data provided directly by the Data Subject or by companies with which the Data Subject maintains an employment relationship: Data provided by express and conscientious action, such as when the Data Subject sends a resume to apply for a job opening or when their employer provides us your data (e.g. service providers);
  2. Data collected by Valmet Tissue Converting S.p.A. and transferred to Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda.: In this category are all information that we receive from our parent Company Valmet Tissue Converting S.p.A. about you whenever you interact with the website, in the section contact us,. 


How is the data processed?

When does the processing take place? What data is processed? For what purposes?
Business interactions with customers

●     Name;

●     Email address;

●     Phone number;

●     Address;

●     Creating budgets and quotations;

●     Maintaining contact with the customer (through their representatives) to enter into and enforce the sales contract, promoting the configuration, customization, delivery, installation, provision of assistance and other actions related to the contract;

●     Enabling the registration of people appointed by the customer on the portal so that they can quote parts;

● Complying with legal obligations, such as the tax-related obligations (e.g. Issuance of Invoices);

●     Regularly exercising rights, such as collection, legal defense of interests, etc.;

●     Maintaining records in databases;

Commercial interactions with suppliers of inputs and services

●     Name;

●     Email address;

●     Occupation;

●     Address;

●     Phone number;

●     Social security data

●     Commercial interactions with supplier representatives, for negotiation and acquisition of raw materials and services;

●     Management of contract signed with suppliers of inputs and services;

●     Inspection regarding compliance with safety standards, and labor and social security obligations.

Interactions at Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. physical spaces

●     Name;

●     Email address;

●     Phone number;

●     Address;

●     Images

●     Performing security monitoring in physical spaces;

●     Identification in watchtowers, gates, receptions of people who enter the organization’s physical buildings.

Promotion of Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. activities also through the “contact us” section of website

●     Name;

●     Phone number;

●     Email address;

●     Carrying out marketing actions, such as sending newsletters, messages via apps, emails, news, promotions, contests, launches, customer testimonials, filming of events, etc.;

Contact with Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., also through the “contact us” section of website

●     Name;

●     Country;

●     Phone number;

●     Email address;

●     Message.

●     Receiving, sorting, registering and responding to requests, complaints, questions and other contacts of the Data Subject;

●     Making contacts with the Data Subject to provide assistance or for information.


3)       Data provided by Candidates: When you apply for a job vacancy in a selection process at Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda., your data will be processed as follows:

When does the processing take place?
What data is processed?

For what purposes?
Selection and Recruitment

●      Full name;

●      CPF;

●      RG;

●      Voter’s Card Number;

●      Driver’s License;

●      Name of parents;

●      Address;

●      Phone number;

●      Email address;

●      Age;

●      Gender;

●      Academic and professional background;

●      Marital Status; 

●      Employment Record Book;

●      PIS (Social Integration Program); 

●      Medical reports for people with a disability;


●      Identifying and authenticating the Candidate;

●      Proceeding with the resume evaluation, compatibility with the criteria of the vacancy and profile sought;

●      Proceeding with interviews, test applications and potential examinations;

●      Identification of the person with a disability for the purpose of placing them into a vacancy for candidates with disabilities;

●      Collection of information, for pre-registration, as required by e-social;


 If the Data Subject applies for selection processes at Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. through third-party portals, such as recruitment and selection companies, etc., it is important that the Data Subject reads and understands the Privacy Policies of these third parties.  


Sharing data with third parties

Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. may also share with third parties, always under your supervision, the Personal Data listed above in the following cases:


  • Anti-fraud and credit analysis: We may share data such as CPF, email address, phone number, etc. with specialized companies for credit analysis, confirmation of the Data Subject’s identity and verification of the accuracy of the data provided, in order to avoid fraud;
  • Logistics and Delivery: During the logistics management procedure of the delivery of goods, we may share data such as Name, Address, E-mail Address and Phone Number with KÖRBER BRASIL partner transport companies;
  • Storage: We may share data with our data storage and processing partners (storage providers, cloud software);
  •  Advertising and marketing: With marketing companies, to develop ad campaigns and forward materials to Data Subjects, as well as market intelligence tools such as Google Analytics;
  • Management of Online Platforms: We may also share your data with developers and hosting companies for the management and maintenance of the computing infrastructure that guarantees the functioning of our services and products offered to customers;
  • Support to Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. processes: Enable the enforcement of contracts entered into between Customers and Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. through companies specialized in auditing, technical assistance, accounting, law, etc.;
  • With public bodies or private bodies: In the performance of typically public activity to comply with a determination or legal obligation, with treasury bodies, in compliance with judicial requests, for example;


Does Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. transfer data to other countries?

Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. may carry out international data transfers to other countries, such as the United States of America and to countries in the European Union and Latin America, in order to carry out certain processes that comprise the operation, such as storing information on international servers.


In any case of sharing data with partners located in other countries, we contractually establish that the partner must maintain the standard of data protection and information security compatible with this Privacy Policy and with the LGPD.


Right of personal data subjects

Through the email address, the Data Subject may request:

Possible requests
Purpose of each type of request
● Processing Confirmation  ●   You may ask whether Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. processes any of your Personal Data
● Access to your Personal Data ●   Unlike confirmation of processing, when requesting access you will receive a file with all your data processed by Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda.

● Rectification 
●   In this request you can ask Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. to update, correct or even complete your Personal Data
● Anonymization, blocking and/or erasure of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in violation of the provisions of this Law;  ●   This type of request is for you to request that your Data be: (i) Anonymized, which is when they are kept in our databases, however, they do not identify the Data Subject; (ii) blocked, which is when data is kept in our databases but cannot be used; and (iii) erasure from our databases;
● Data Portability 

●   In case of portability, your data is sent to another service or product provider, according to your request; however, this type of procedure will observe the commercial and industrial secrets of Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda.

● Sharing information  ●   You may request to know with which companies or public and private entities Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. has shared your data
 ● Withdraw of Consent  ●   In this request, you will be revoking your consent (when the processing is based on this legal assumption)
● Review of decisions made solely based on automated processing of Personal Data ●   You may request a review of decisions made based on automated processing of your data, that is, decisions that affect your interests, including decisions designed to define your personal, professional, consumer and credit profile or aspects of your personality

IMPORTANT: We will respond to the request within the legal deadline. However, if there is a legal basis, some requests may be partially answered or even denied, cases in which we will provide the necessary clarifications and justifications. 



The personal data described above will be kept by Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. or by authorized third parties, for as long as necessary to fulfill its purposes. Furthermore, the data may be kept (i) in a case of legitimate interest, as defined by law; and (ii) when a law or public authority so determines. 


If the Data Subject has applied for a job vacancy at Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. and is not selected, their data will be stored securely and deleted after a period of six (6) months from the end of the selection process. 



With some precautions, the Holder can contribute to a safer relationship in relation to the treatment of their Personal Data. Below are some tips:

● Do not provide information such as bank or financial passwords via email or other messaging applications (eg whatsapp, telegram, etc.);

● Communicate to Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. about any and all suspicions or findings of violation of this Policy, such as the misuse of your Personal Data by third parties;

● Consult Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. whenever you receive information or communications about promotions, campaigns and surveys received by e-mail, to verify their veracity;

● Provide Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. with true and complete information and always keep it updated;

● If you wish to exercise any right in relation to your Personal Data, contact Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. at;

● Adopt cyber security measures on devices used to interact with the site, such as using strong passwords and periodically changing them; updating antivirus, firewalls and others;

● Refrain from interacting with Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. through any form of illegal processing of Personal Data of third parties;

● Do not pay slips supposedly sent by Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda. without first certifying the authenticity of the document, checking the value, the barcode, the financial institution and the beneficiary.



For any matter related to the processing of Personal Data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda.:


DPO: Silvana Guiron Dallacqua




Any controversial issues arising from this Policy will be submitted to the competent court of the district of Joinville, SC, Brazil. 



This Policy was issued on 10/13/2021 and may undergo updates that will be duly communicated. 

Valmet Tissue Converting Ltda.