OptiAir Environment

Solution for healthy working environment

OptiAir Environment consists of environment control systems and processes that create a healthy working environment and comfortable mill environment by controlling noise, dust, emissions and machine hall air quality. Processes to achieve these goals are sound attenuation both inside and outside a mill, winder dust removal, machine hall ventilation and wet end process ventilation.

Fulfilling legislation and authority requirements

Creating comfortable mill environment

Healthy working environment: comfortable temperature, less dust, noise and humidity

Controlled machine hall environment


For controlling and reducing emissions and creating good indoor air quality with environment control systems, Valmet has developed a 3-stage approach. The primary stage includes the capture of noise, dust, gaseous compounds, moisture and heat at the source. Emissions are captured by local exhausts, air curtains, dust and mist collectors immediately when formed and are transported away without fouling the surrounding air.

Primary stage capture at source

Secondary stage containment near source

Tertiary stage air migration control

  • Former mist collectors
  • Former exhaust
  • Winder dust collectors
  • Dryer section open/closed hoods
  • Process exhaust
  • Winder enclosures
  • Dust collectors
  • Calender ventilation
  • Other endosures
  • Control of air movement
  • Sequential air utilization
  • Controlled air distribution
  • Controlled air balance

Machine hall ventilation

Machine hall ventilation has an improving effect for papermaking processes and process supervision, building structures, equipment and its maintenance, and the well-being of personnel. It is an integral part of the paper-making process, effectively managing thermal and moisture loads to prevent condensation on structures and machinery.

Moreover, machine room ventilation provides a dual advantage. During colder seasons, it efficiently heats the building, creating a comfortable work environment, while in warmer seasons, it serves as an air conditioning system, ensuring optimal conditions for operations and protecting machinery.

Machine hall ventilation helps to achieve seamless processes, longer equipment life, and a safe working environment. By managing temperature and moisture effectively, it optimizes productivity and ensures the well-being of employees, making it an essential aspect of any papermaking facility. 

OptiAir Environment products and processes are part of OptiAir process ventilation family that offers complete control of energy and air flows in paper and board machines.

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