OptiDry Chill web cooling

Effective non-contact web cooling

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OptiDry Chill web coolers offer excellent runnability and high cooling capacity due to their efficient nozzle technology. Maintenance costs are low because of the few wearing parts.

Optimized runnability

Effective cooling with proven PowerFloat nozzle technology

Warm return air exhausted out of machine hall

Excellent control of air flows

Excessively high paper web temperatures often cause problems when the paper enters the coater. These problems affect the coating process and the quality of the finished product. Valmet's web coolers offer solutions to such problems.

Double-pass cooling calendering

OptiDry Chill air cooling units are used in bulk-saving calendering technology called double-pass cooling calendering. The sizes of the cooling units are very compact and the web passes the units twice.


Main benefits of double-pass cooling

  • Double-pass cooler with integrated air turn section has a long cooling section with a compact design
  • Efficient PowerFloat Plus nozzle technology offers excellent web runnability and cooling efficiency
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