Approach system

The OptiFeed concept is an integrated wet-end system that is always designed to the needs of the paper grade.

Board and paper makers can be assured of high stock quality and undisturbed runnability of the paper machine by using a customized approach system, featuring Valmet's advanced paper and automation technology:

  • Broke handling with OptiSlush pulpers and OptiScreen screening
  • Stock lines with OptiFiner refining
  • Deaeration, both passive OptiDeair Flume and active OptiDeair Tank solutions to meet the needs of different board and paper grades and forming concepts
  • Thick stock mixing with OptiMixer Stock
  • Compact stock approach
  • Retention aid mixing with OptiMixer Retention
  • White-water handling with efficient deaeration and balanced fines recovery.

Integrated and simplified solutions reduce investment and operating costs. Small process volumes with smooth flow and consistency measurements of all stock components facilitate accurate and fast process adjustments. The high responsiveness of the concept provides the possibility of rapid grade changes within a few minutes.

Improved basis weight management, with separate fiber and ash control and a homogeneous stock mixture fed to the headbox, guarantees enhanced MD-stability and high paper quality.

Benefits with Valmet's OptiFeed Approach system:

  • Less energy needed  
  • Lower life cycle costs  
  • Improved product quality  
  • Better runnability


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