Automation for board and paper

One way to keep up with today’s demanding market conditions for board and paper producers is to update their existing processes regularly and invest in new equipment and employee tools as well as the skills required to meet future production challenges.

Increased production efficiency and cost savings are achievable with the right measurements, controls and operator tools. The payback from automation is measured in increased performance power gained by reduced area losses, reduced idle time and increased production rates. Cost savings result from raw material and energy savings through optimizing a mill’s processes.

Valmet ensures maximum and sustainable performance of board and paper production lines with accurate, reliable process and product measurements, stabilizing controls, valves and other process control devices, advanced multi-variable process controls, and operator information tools.

Valmet DNA offers board and paper mills a comprehensive portfolio of automation applications to stabilize and optimize their processes. Scalable to your mill’s specific production needs, Valmet DNA provides you powerful performance through machine, quality and process controls all in one.

Our wide industry know-how with process and automation experts under the same roof ensures that all our new innovations will match your industry-specific challenges now and in the future.

Towards the New Nature of Automation

Valmet is committed to moving your performance forward. That’s why we are working towards the future, to the New Nature of Automation. As a first step we have launched the new Valmet DNA Dashboard concept. For board and paper industry, we offer alarm management and quality and production monitoring dashboards.