VII Data Discovery

Find improvement potential in operations or asset performance

A data discovery process is an easy way to start looking into the Industrial Internet and analytical and data-driven opportunities. It is a low-risk tool to explore the potential of utilizing data to improve processes with a limited investment and project scope, and thus creates a valuable foundation for further development.

VII Data Discovery combines data-based methods and tools with Valmet’s analytics, process and technology expertise to discover improvement potential in operations or asset performance for process industries. Depending on the project scope, a VII Data Discovery project offers you valuable insight and actions for process stability, production performance, asset reliability and operations optimization opportunities.

Data discovery process

VII Data Discovery is an interactive process, which uses historical data from a customer’s mill or plant. Customer data and information sources typically include Distributed Control System (DCS) data, laboratory measurements, data from other information systems such as Manufacturing Excecution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Plannig (ERP), breakdown and maintenance logs, PI diagrams, cost data and interviews. The data is exported and, in cooperation with the customer’s specialists, analyzed by Valmet’s data scientists and process specialists. The results will give a detailed and holistic overview of the mill’s or plant’s processes that can be used to resolve known issues, find the root causes of problems and to identify potential areas for improvement. A data discovery process typically takes about six to eight weeks.

There are two approaches to VII Data Discovery:

  • Analytics for identified problems: using analytics to fix known problems
  • Analytics for identifying improvement potential: seeking for and identifying potential areas of improvement

Results and benefits

VII Data Discovery offers you a combination of analytical and process expertise which is turned into insight about your, operations and assets. Based on this information, our experts highlights the identified areas with optimization opportunities. If data is available, optimization opportunities are also evaluated based on a customer’s longer-term digitalization roadmap and cost efficiency, resulting in meaningful and on-the-point suggestions of future actions and development.

Setting up the Industrial Internet services with applications

Based on the results of the data discovery process, it is possible to define which areas of the process will be taken into the focus. Valmet will finalize development of the applications for these specific areas and then bring them online, so that they provide near-real-time information and advice to the customer’s operators in the control room. Using an off-premises model, it is easy to introduce Industrial Internet functionality to the operations in a step-by-step way.

Further development

The new applications will help run the processes better. The next step is to identify further areas for improvement: Applications and algorithms targeted at these areas are available or can be developed. In this way, it is possible to methodically improve and optimize different areas of the production process.