Solution ecosystem with leading industry players

Valmet Industrial Internet partner ecosystem


To provide a comprehensive Industrial Internet offering for our customers, we are building an Industrial Internet partner ecosystem. The ecosystem brings leading industry players together to co-create new applications and services -and to offer superior performance for our customers, compared to each actor operating independently.

One of our ecosystem partners is Tietoevry, a leading provider of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for pulp and paper industry customers. Through this cooperation and our complementary offerings, our customers’ production process and business data can be integrated and optimized for the customers’ benefit.

We also have an Industrial Internet ecosystem partnership with Kemira, a global chemicals company. The purpose of the partnership is to bring added value to pulp and paper customers by combining the know-how of the two companies in utilizing process data to improve the customers’ processes.

Valmet and Koja have established an Industrial Internet ecosystem cooperation to support energy producers in improving the efficiency of their operations and maintenance. Digitalization solutions and data-based services will enable power plants to optimize their process by combining data from the equipment of both suppliers. The cooperation combines Valmet's comprehensive technology and process optimization knowledge with Koja’s strong expertise in industrial air and gas handling solutions and fans.

Valmet’s and the ecosystem partners’ combined knowledge and integrated date enable a more comprehensive view on mill or plant level performance optimization. Together with our ecosystem partners, we also develop new value adding data driven applications and services.