Valmet DNA Report Alarms and Events Analyzing

Valmet DNA Report Alarms and Events Analyzing provides an outstanding opportunity to improve the utilization of alarm and event information, not only by reacting to alarms more efficiently but also by means of continuous improvement.


In addition to process measurements, the alarm and event data are a valuable source of information when analyzing operational disturbances. A sequence of events can be seen on one single report. DNA Historian Alarms and Events automatically stores all the alarms, events, and operator tracking from the DNA Operate Alarms and Events Server. The collected history data can then be reported and analyzed by using user-friendly and intuitive tools running under Valmet DNA Report Portal together with other Valmet DNA tools.


  • Alarm and Event reporting can be used as a process optimization tool as a part of continuous improvement.
  • An organization can find the most typical disturbances and then make a plan of corrective actions to achieve the full potential and capability of the production process.

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