Pulp mill information management

Seeking optimal pulp making performance, Valmet DNA Pulp Mill Information Management applications give chemical pulp mills the ultimate tool for achieving, maintaining and sharpen their competitive edge.

In today’s pulp and paper industry, the information and knowledge management is an important tool for operational excellence. Valmet has embedded its strong process know-how into advanced information management applications. The knowledge management tools offer outstanding opportunities for continuous improvement towards superior performance, collaborative customer service, and better profitability.

Process management and reporting

  • Pulp mill reporting package
  • Environmental reporting
  • Trends and graphic displays
  • Excel Add-In for process analysis
  • DNA Report Diary for OEE and Logbook

Valmet DNA DCS integration

  • Valmet DNA trends for automation trends
  • History mode for process analysis
  • AAE for alarm and event analysis
  • DNA Report Tracer for problem-solving

Advanced tools for pulp mill

  • DNAspc for process statistical monitoring
  • DNAdelayCalculation Reports via process delays

Valmet DNA Bale Quality Management

  • Grade specifications
  • Quality classification Prima% of end production
  • Link to warehouse
  • Delivering pulp with the right properties to the right customers.
  • Reducing variations in pulp quality by tracing the origins of process disturbances.
  • Minimizing the production of second-rate and reject pulp.
  • Improving efficiency via online quality classification.
  • Maximizing of prime quality pulp to maximize product profitability

Quality management

  • Laboratory data management
  • Comparison reports for calibration needs
  • Quality reporting
  • Reports for Valmet DNA Pulp Expert

Warehouse system for pulp mill

Warehouse functions Shipment planning Shipment Shipment documents Benefits All important data are collected and predefined in reports to clarify the reporting concept => Less work for the customer Consistent layout and user-friendly navigation => Quick and easy to use Ease of implementation The calibration needs of analyzers are easier to detect and fault diagnosis is faster => Cost savings for the customer