Customer case:

Valmet joins Suzano Imperatriz shutdown in Brazil with Industrial Internet applications

May 5, 2021

Remote support application makes solutions easier and were used to maintain service quality

We are prepared to attend remotely with the same quality as usual and with an even greater scope, as we can connect with the experts of our Technology Centers around the world”
Fausto Pires, Field Service Manager


Location Suzano's Pulp Mill, Imperatriz-Brazil
Challenge / target
Mill shutdown with pandemic restrictions

Valmet offered technical assistance services on site with remote support through Industrial Internet solutions, such as remote connections, the Valmet Performance Center (VPC), Augmented Reality Glasses and drones.

Many important areas of the mill were at the scope of services, such as the recovery boiler, where smelt extraction was performed, equipment washing and supervision of maintenance services; mechanical inspection and process audit in Evaporation; internal inspection of the ImpBin digester and supervision of the cooking system; inspection of presses on the Fiber Line; supervision and execution of roll change service and rolls maintenance services.

  • José Ventura, Industrial Executive Manager of Suzano Imperatriz, says: “The new coronavirus pandemic accelerated the digitization of various media and, from now on, we will have these services increasingly present. All the solutions that Valmet brought to the shutdown added to our knowledge and presented excellent results”

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