Our Values

Our values

Our values guide us through actions and decisions paving the way forward. Our values are inspired and created by our own people. Explore our value stories below to get a glimpse of how we live our values when working together.

Teamwork gets better all the time

Our vision is to become the global champion in serving our customers. Customers are at the heart of our strategy, the focus of our vision, and one of our values.


A simple idea grows into a great solution

Valmet is a market leader in the industries we serve, with a top three position in all our markets. Still, we continue to innovate and renew ourselves to stay on top and lead the way also in the future – and are proud of our 1,300 protected inventions.


You know you are on the verge of something big

If there is a better way to do things, we’ll find it. Delivering results and improving every day are our main aims. We are actively supporting and strengthening this mindset both globally and locally.


The job gets done while having fun

Our more than 17,500 people working in over 40 countries makes for a truly global company. At Valmet the best talent across countries and cultures comes together to work as part of business line and area teams to bring top technologies, products, and services to our customers.




employees globally



Employee perspectives



We helped our customer increase production with a new solution for their plug screw feeder. The mill was very satisfied with the modification that was made. The special material we used improved the mill's situation because they don´t have to change the feeder as often.


Guilherme, Valmet in Brazil




Through our renewal harmonization work I can clearly see, day by day, that teams from different sites are getting closer and closer to each other. Discussing and comparing our different ways to operate, we share knowledge and experiences and jumpstart the process of learning from each other.

As we find common paths forward we feel more as one team which is one of the strongest requirements that our customers have for us. When we make use of all our combined competences it will be very exciting to see where this journey can bring us!


Magdalena, Valmet in Sweden


Careers values renewal 580x435.png



The implementation of pulse in our R&D way of working has helped our development resources work more as a team and with a clear goal. The way of working has also shortened the lead time to project completion as resources are more focused and deliver more projects to the market.

With the pulse system, we can easily and continuously improve our ways of working, as administration is much less and quicker than before.


Tomas, Valmet in Sweden



We had a last minute glitch in one of our projects and only had a short time to make the fix, check it, and get ready for go-live. We were a cross functional team, from different locations and with different experience.

We used communications tools in a unique way, we set tasks according to people’s strengths and had fun in the meantime. In the end, the result was even better than the original target.


Kristen, Valmet in the US