Defining the material topics

The Sustainability Agenda is the result of a thorough process involving Valmet’s stakeholders, in which we defined all the topics that are relevant to Valmet and its stakeholders and could have a significant economic, environmental or social impact on our business or which are of concern to our stakeholders.

The process included a stakeholder survey sent to 9,000 stakeholders, including customers, Valmet employees and institutional investors and owners. Interviews were also conducted with customers, a benchmark study carried out and internal workshops held with core experts and management.

The current business environment and the most important market drivers affecting the industries in which Valmet and its customers operate were also reviewed as part of the process to build a comprehensive understanding of all potential sustainability aspects.

materiality matrix

As a result of the process we defined five sustainability focus areas covering the most significant sustainability issues for Valmet.

The Sustainability Agenda has been approved by Valmet´s Executive Team and will be reviewed annually against any changes in business targets, the business environment and stakeholder expectations.

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Valmet's stakeholder survey

Valmet's stakeholder survey

The feedback received through a stakeholder survey indicates that Valmet’s main stakeholders confirm our current view on what’s important with regard to the company’s sustainability performance. The most important topics concern safety, sustainable solutions, ethical behavior and employee wellbeing.