Health, safety and environment targets and actions

Action plan 2019-2021

Main actions

We invest in safety culture and effective HSE processes and practices 

  • 100% of employees participate in a safety dialogue training by 2021
  • 85% of employees covered by HSE certification by 2021 
  • Safety observations 3 per person per year
  • Create roadmap for transition to ISO 45001 and expansion of HSE certificates coverage for all workshop locations
  • Put safety dialogue training concept in place and start implementation
  • Establish local action plans towards 2025 HSE targets for own operations 
  • Implement activities to increase understanding of the environmental impacts of our work
  • Implement preventive safety initiatives

We collaborate with customers and partners to improve HSE results

  • LTIF* < 3  and TRIF** < 6 for external workers under Valmet’s supervision or on worksites under Valmet’s control by 2021
  • Elimination of life-changing injuries (own employees and external workers)

*Lost time incident frequency
**Total recordable incident frequency

  • Continue to define and implement safety management processes for the main external workforce categories
  • Develop systems and tools to support external workforce safety management processes and collaboration activities
  • Improve safety on customer sites by proactive planning with customers and partners

Main achievements in 2020

  • Lowest ever LTIF 1.5 and TRIF 3.1 for employees
  • The global Safety Dialogue training continued, going virtual where needed, and was performed by 74 percent of all employees
  • New global IT platform launched for HSE event and Continuous Improvement (CI) management, as well as risk and audit management
  • Preventive safety initiatives launched – for example, on lifting safety in China
  • Migration of the global management system to the ISO 45001 certificate and certification coverage increase to 47 locations
  • Integration of newly acquired operations with Valmet HSE systems and culture continued
  • Execution of COVID-19 management in customer deliveries
  • Contractor HSE days held for key projects and annual shutdowns
  • Continued to define and implement safety management processes for the main external workforce categories