Automation for pulp

Automation solutions enable you to boost productivity and efficiency, stabilize product quality, increase energy generation, as well as reduce the energy and chemical consumption of your chemical pulping operations.

Valmet DNA offers pulp mills a comprehensive portfolio of automation applications to stabilize and optimize their paper making processes. Scalable to your mill's specific production needs, Valmet DNA provides you powerful performance through machine, quality and process controls all in one.

Even and high pulp quality, with the right Kappa, brightness and consistency values combined with high production efficiency are the pulp maker’s biggest challenges – as well as a basis for high-quality paper production. In addition to these properties a pulp mill production manager must consider environmental regulations and costs. Also, the significance of cost-efficiency cannot be exaggerated.

Payback comes from the right combination

Automation plays an essential role in pulp mill processes alone when it comes to minimizing variations. The key to cost efficiency is the right combination of advanced controls, measurements and analyzers. For instance, when consistency measurements are accurate, optimizations are based on the correct values.

Our latest innovations

It’s in our DNA

Valmet DNA provides pulp makers with measurements, analyzers and a complete selection of state-of-the-art advanced process controls. Pulp makers can enjoy a feeling of control with just one mill-wide system covering all the pulp making processes from fiber line controls to baling information. Our customers all over the world can depend on our local Valmet service.

Valmet’s process performance optimization solutions achieve a high level of stability in fiber and recovery line subprocesses. Optimizing the stability and throughput of subprocesses eliminates process bottlenecks and boosts capacity. Washing line optimization controls improve washing efficiency and reduce downstream bleaching chemical costs. In oxygen delignification and bleaching, you can reach significant chemical savings with Valmet process analyzers and optimization controls.

Valmet IQ quality control systems provide a comprehensive selection of on-line measurements, quality controls and profilers for pulp production processes.

Towards the New Nature of Automation with Valmet DNA User Interface

Valmet is committed to moving your performance forward. That’s why we are working towards the future of distributed control systems and we recently launched the new Valmet DNA User Interface. For the pulp industry, we have also introduced dashboards for alarm management, pulp production, departmental and bale quality monitoring