Valmet’s automation solutions for alternative fuels

According to Valmet’s strategy, our aim is to become the best automation solution provider for alternative fuels. Both renewable fuels and liquefied natural gas (LNG) contribute positively to sustainability and solving environmental issues. They perfectly support Valmet’s mission to convert renewable resources into sustainable results.

Supply chain control is taken care of with help of the Valmet DNA automation system where the information management system is integrated, HIMA safety system, machine protection system and operations management solution. Furthermore, we cover all related services with our new Shared Journey Forward service concept that includes Valmet’s Industrial Internet.

At Valmet, dialogue with data means that we connect our expertise and know-how with data. And data connects back and responds. Dialogue is connection with communication – both ways. With that combination, we are able to create new services for customers. Valmet DNA Integrated Operations for the LNG and biogas market is a good example of a dialogue with data, because we are combining data from different sources to offer customers new applications.

Integrated operations to further enhance the logistics

With LNG operations management, Valmet DNA Integrated Operations, LNG tanks, and truck loading stations can be easily monitored. The operations management includes reporting, metering and production planning, the ERP interface, as well as process optimization.

We stand behind the New Nature of Automation. More about its first step with Valmet DNA Dashboards. They utilize real-time and historical data that is available in your system. Relevant information is presented in a visual way.

If you need more information, please turn to our experts:

  • For our renewable fuels offering: Anna Sydänmaa, anna.sydanmaa at
  • For our LNG offering: Mikko Haapaniemi, mikko.haapaniemi at


Northernmost biogas plant has run 5 years with Valmet automation

Northernmost biogas plant has run 5 years with Valmet automation

The world’s northernmost biogas plant has been running for five years with Valmet's automation Valmet DNA.

Automation facilitates the development of LNG infrastructure

Automation facilitates the development of LNG infrastructure

Valmet technology company and energy company Gasum will pilot a new centralized system of production and logistics of LNG, liquefied natural gas, which utilizes measurement data in real time.

Revolution in managing LNG supply chain

Revolution in managing LNG supply chain

Valmet DNA Integrated Operations was developed based on customer needs. It helps users to manage data, optimize sourcing and plan logistics within LNG efficiently, saving time and costs.

If you are interested in getting more information about Valmet's LNG expertise, please contact me."
Mikko Haapaniemi, Product Manager, Valmet Automation Inc.