Approach flow system

Energy saving solution

Lower life cycle costs

Exceptional runnability

Superior quality

Customized wet-end systems

Valmet´s approach flow concept is an integrated wet-end system that is always designed to the needs of the paper grade.

Board and paper makers can be assured of high stock quality and undisturbed runnability of the paper machine by using a customized approach system, featuring Valmet's advanced solutions.

Maximize productivity

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Valmet offers both passive and active deaeration solutions to meet the varying needs of every papermaker, designed for different paper and board grades and forming concepts. Deaeration refers to the removal of air. The air in the stock can have negative effects on downstream equipment and the quality of the final product.


Valmet offers advanced mixing technologies for thick stock mixing and retention aid mixing. These solutions are suitable both for new installations as well as for upgrading existing systems.

Machine Screening

Based on the design features of the outflow-type screen and the interaction of the patented rotor and foil designs, machine screens ensure the risk-free operation of paper, board, and tissue machines. Valmet’s machine screening features a robust outflow design, sturdy rotor and foil support, and durable screen baskets and are available in both vertical and horizontal designs.