Opti for papermakers - safe investment with innovative technology

We have fused our paper and boardmaking offering to introduce the new OptiTM range of products. This simplifies our range while providing solutions that offer the best economic advantage and environmental security for you. The move to Opti has already been set in motion. Check out the current selection for your papermaking process: OptiFlo headboxes, OptiFormer forming section applications, OptiDry air drying and coating drying technologies , OptiAir machine ventilation processes, OptiSizer size applicators, OptiCoat coaters, OptiWin winders and OptiCart parent roll carts

Valmet has a proven track record in the paper making business dating back more than half a century. That means that a Opti product is the safe investment, allowing you to reach your quality targets by using solutions and technologies that are designed with your essential needs in mind.

Quality you can trust

Investment in innovative technology is proven to increase the competitive edge and profitability of a paper or board making company. That’s what our customers need right now, more than ever. And that’s what Valmet provides with the Opti product families – quality you can trust.

We know what you want because we’ve asked. Valmet has spent years looking at our customers’ businesses and researching their needs. This has given us a very clear picture of what is required. Every paper and board making operation is different so a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work. That is where Opti comes in. Valmet can tailor a fit-for-purpose solution specific to your process regardless of whether you are a small paper producer or operate the largest integrated mill in the world.

We do this by matching your needs with the latest technological solutions, which allows you to achieve the best results possible.

Latest Opti families

OptiWin winding family

Right winder for each winding need.

Coating drying

Efficient air drying solutions for all kinds of coating drying.


Full range of high performance coating technology.


Solutions for gap forming, hybrid forming and Fourdrinier applications.

OptiDry impingement drying

Revolutionary drying technologies for effective air drying.

OptiCart parent roll carts

Reliable parent roll handling systems.