Environmental efficiency

Sustainable solutions by Valmet

We continuously enhance environmental efficiency in our own operations and together with our suppliers. Our process technology, automation and services are designed to improve raw material, energy, water and chemical efficiency. ​

Reducing the environmental footprint of the value chain

We estimate that our supply chain accounts for approximately 4 percent of the environmental impacts of our entire value chain. Through our sustainable supply chain activities, we collaborate with our suppliers and develop our products to reduce the impacts for the environment.

Around 1 percent of our environmental impact arises from our own operations. We are replacing fossil fuels with renewables, purchasing CO₂-free electricity and district heat, and implementing energy efficiency improvements in our locations. We also enhance digital tools, develop remote working habits and promote low-carbon commuting. ​During 2021, 20 million EUR was invested in environmental improvements and management in our own operations.

Most of Valmet’s value chain’s environmental impact comes from the use phase of its technologies. We develop new technologies and improve the energy efficiency of our current offering to improve our customers’ environmental and safety performance. 

Energy efficiency and carbon neutrality-related projects play a key role in our research and development. Our new technologies, products and services contribute to a sustainable carbon-free future.

Minimizing environmental impacts of solutions 

Valmet has a long track record in providing solutions that convert biomass into renewable energy and recyclable products such as pulp, paper, board and tissue. We have also developed and commercialized new biomass conversion technologies for producing new bio-based end products such as biogas, biofuels and biomaterials. 

We have a wide range of solutions that require less energy, water and raw materials compared to conventional technologies and enable flexibility in fuel source and raw material selection. Our comprehensive services and automation offering help to maximize the environmental efficiency of the technologies and ensures operational safety and reliability over the entire lifetime of the plant. 

It is estimated that around 95% (excluding pulp mills) of the environmental impacts of Valmet’s entire value chain are emitted when our solutions are being used for production. Since Valmet’s solutions are targeted at industrial processes such as pulp, paper and energy production, environmental improvements can to a great extent be achieved by optimizing the efficiency of processes, by utilizing air pollution control technologies, and by replacing fossil fuels and materials with renewable alternatives.  

Sustainability plays a key role in the innovation process 

Customer needs and global megatrends, such as pursuing a more resource-efficient and cleaner world, are driving our ambitious research and development work.  

Valmet’s research and development is integrated into sales processes, and our sales teams also regularly participates in research and development meetings. All new product innovations are discussed and evaluated by business management to decide which projects are further developed. 

With our research and technology development work, we aim to ensure an advanced and competitive offering of process technologies, automation and services for our current and future customers, enhance raw material efficiency, and promote the use of renewable raw materials. We minimize the adverse health, safety, environmental and social impacts, and maximize the HSE benefits of a product and its packaging throughout all lifecycle stages. Valmet is committed to applying the highest health, safety and environmental standards in product design and manufacturing. 

All Valmet´s new products and services have a positive environmental impact. We follow the market demand for more environmentally efficient technologies by monitoring the share of orders received of new products and services as the KPI for Environmental Product Innovation. Valmet's target is to maintain the orders received of new products and services >25%. 

Valmet is investing every year to the development of new energy and resource efficient solutions products and services through research and development and innovation. In 2021 Valmet´s R&D expenditures were 82 million euros (2% of Valmet’s net sales). 

Key figures in sustainable solutions in 2021:

MEUR R&D spend
Protected inventions