Valmet DNA extends lifetime of paper machine controls at Stora Enso Nymölla

Jan 12, 2016

In May, Stora Enso Nymolla successfully started up its PM2 with up-to-date control technology. Valmet’s delivery comprised Machine Control PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Replacement with Valmet DNA, upgrade of the existing Valmet DNA system and a single window operator interface in Valmet DNA for new sectional drives.

Valmet DNA has a unique beneficial feature: its compatibility with earlier system generations. As many competitor systems need to be thoroughly renewed, Valmet DNA can be upgraded in small parts, as all generations are fully compatible and can also be integrated to other suppliers’ systems.

Detail prestudy and careful testing required

In Nymölla mill in Sweden there are two paper machines and a pulp mill. All processes have been controlled with Valmet DNA for years. In this project the PM2 Siemens S5 machine control system was replaced with Valmet DNA and connected to the existing Valmet DNA automation system. The machine control system replacement was installed and started up during seven days production shut-down. Stora Enso already had good experiences of this kind of system replacements in their other mills.

“Start-up was very successful. Production was sellable from the second reel on”, says Peter Fleron, Paper Technician. “Runnability of the machine was excellent from the start-up, I can’t recall when we have experienced 33 hours continuous production without breaks, although we were not running full speed.”

Juha Koivisto, project manager, Valmet Automation, wants to thank the start-up team for their good work. “We had a very good team in this project. They are professionals, skilled and hard-working. We had people from different Valmet locations and functions. The cooperation with all parties involved was good.”

“Project follow-up is also very important”, Juha continues, “We were able to keep the planned schedule. I want to emphasize the meaning of the FAT test. It is important to customers and to us because it enables fast and smooth start-up and project take-over.” “I’m glad to continue another project to Nymölla. We are delivering Energy Efficiency Monitoring System for two line pulp mill, three boilers, district heat production as well as for two paper machines”.

Support from local Service team

“It is important to involve local service team in the project to ensure smooth transition from project to service”, says Roger Holmedahl, Service Manager, Valmet Automation. “Local service team took care of Valmet DNA system set up, system upgrade and also customer training. Valmet has 24/7 service contract with Nymölla including on-call services, spare parts and additional services and training covering Valmet DNA system with over 21,000 I/Os for the whole mill. With the local knowledge of Nymölla’s DNA system Valmet can provide fast and experienced service.”

Valmet Automation delivery scope:

• Pre-study of the existing PLC
• Machine control application
• DNA Help – function descriptions and interlock diagnostics
• Common engineering tools with DCS and QCS
• Common data collection for all functions
• Complete documentation with field engineering
• Factory acceptance test
• Cabling installation inside electric room
• I/O testing and commissioning
• Remote connection for tuning and trouble shooting
• Extension of service agreement for new system
• Operator and maintenance training