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Valmet IQ Web Gloss Measurement

The Valmet IQ Web Gloss Measurement (IQ Web Gloss) delivers extremely fast and reliable surface quality measurements to control gloss. Digital signal processing and automatic compensation for variability ensure maximum measurement accuracy.

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Online web gloss measurements

The Valmet IQ Web Gloss measures the reflectivity of a paper or board sheet using precise optical geometry. As the sheet gloss increases, the reflected light intensity detected by the sensor increases, resulting in accurate gloss measurements that are comparable to laboratory measurements.

Anti-alias filtering ensures accurate, unbiased digital readings. Measurement and reference channels measured simultaneously to continuously compensate for changes in the environment.

Stable and reliable results from the first scan

The IQ Web Gloss is factory pre-calibrated to TAPPI standards to deliver accurate gloss measurements immediately. The single-sided, non-contacting sensors can be mounted on both sides of the sheet for two-sided quality control.

A sheet stabilization device ensures excellent measurement accuracy even with sheet flutter. Uniquely designed air flows stabilize the sheet and keep dust from building up around the sensor window.

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