Valmet Bleaching Optimizer - Advanced method for high quality pulp


Base calculations and controls to stabilize the process:

  • Chemical dosage controls (if not in base automation)
  • Washing water flow controls
  • Production rate control
  • Retention time calculations

Model based quality control (all bleaching stages):

  • Kappa and/or brightness control
  • pH controls
  • Temperature controls

Management of changes:

  • Production rate, pulp grade, and wood species

Management of disturbances:

  • Process event tracking
  • Retention time estimator
  • D2C (Smart continuous measurement)


  • Final pulp brightness at the desired level with reduced variability
  • Minimized loss in pulp strength
  • Bleaching chemical savings
  • Increased production
  • Smooth process operation
  • Fewer production disturbances
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Lower effluent load (COD, AOX)
  • Help in operator work