Valmet Oxygen Stage Optimizer

Valmet Oxygen Stage Optimizer

Valmet Oxygen Stage Optimizer enhances the environmentally friendly Oxygen Delignification especially during disturbances, production rate changes, pulp grade changes, or wood species changes. This process provides a unique method for lignin removal without degrading the pulp strength. The main focus is put on the management of the Kappa number development throughout the process.

Enables higher pulp brightness at reduced cost in an environmentally friendly way


Base calculations and controls to stabilize the process

  • Chemical dosage (if not in base automation)
  • Washing water
  • Temperature
  • Production rate
  • Retention time calculations

Model based quality control

  • Kappa reduction

Management of changes

  • Production rate, pulp grade, and wood species

Management of disturbances

  • Retention time estimator
  • Delignification degree
  • Channeling monitor


  • Lower and more even Kappa to the bleaching process
  • More uniform pulp quality
  • Fewer losses in pulp strength
  • Chemical savings in the bleaching process
  • Decrease in the environmental load