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Valmet Batch Cooking Optimizer

Valmet Batch Cooking Optimizer is designed to manage the pulp quality and production rates, including digester scheduling. The system plays a decisive role in the control of raw materials and energy flows, as well as such variables as production rate, wood species, Kappa level, and disturbance management.


The production rate control determines the intervals between cooks, in which it also recognizes any possible resource limitations such as the number of digesters in service or the maximum steam consumption allowed. The scheduling of digesters, with the level prediction of the blow tanks, minimizes the risk to overcook the pulp.

Advanced Pulp Quality control plays an important role in modern batch cooking control. The model-based quality control automatically adapts itself to changing process conditions and automatically affects the long-term Kappa number deviation. The design of the pulp quality control system is patented by Valmet.

Energy consumption can be considerably reduced by maximizing low-pressure steam usage, the precise heating of the digesters, and the lowering of the cooking temperatures.


  • Less quality variation

  • Increased production

  • Reduced energy and chemical consumption

  • Payback times just a few months


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