Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer

Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer controls black liquor burning, air feeding and furnace processes. Air feeding controls together with black liquor feeding controls form the basis for efficient furnace operation at desired excess oxygen level. Stable furnace operation tolerates black liquor quality deviations resulting in high reduction degree in smelt, maximum heat generation, low SO2 and TRS emissions, and increased safety of the boiler operation.

Enhanced recovery boiler efficiency and availability with minimum emissions


Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer stabilizes and carefully controls the combustion of black liquor, which is a process that is challenged by the relatively low heat value of this fuel. The burning control functions are divided into black liquor spraying control and the combustion air control.


  • Reduction degree increase
  • Flue gas final temperat. decrease
  • Dry solids burning capacity increase
  • Steam production increase
Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer
Recovery Liquor Analyzer

Recovery Liquor Analyzer

The Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer (Valmet Alkali R) provides tools to improve recovery boiler reduction performance with its unique on-line reduction degree measurement.