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Valmet Washing Line Optimizer

The Valmet Washing Line Optimizer application adapts washing liquor flows to the production rate and the capacities of the washers to result in desired washing efficiency. Optimized washing efficiency maximizes the cooking chemical removal from fibers during the washing process. Due to low washing losses unnecessary use of bleaching chemicals is avoided. The used fuzzy logic controls and soft sensors enhance the disturbance tolerance of the process.


Optimizing controls of individual washers

  • Valmet Washer Optimizer for DD washer

Washing line optimization

  • Washing factor optimization

  • Tank farm level controls

  • Automatic grade change

  • Consistency profiling controls

Dynamics adaptation

  • Washing efficiency control

  • Evaporation load


  • Reduced loss in washing

  • More dry solids to evaporation

  • Less deviation in washing loss and dry solids

  • Higher washing outlet consistency

  • Facilitated washing line operation

  • Elimination of human errors

  • Improved disturbance toleration

  • Increased production


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