Customer case:

Increasing profitability and pulp production capability by improving performance at Holmen Iggesund

Increasing profitability and pulp production capability by improving performance in twin roll presses, and fiber and cooking lines at Holmen Iggesund pulp mill.




Holmen Iggesund, Sweden
Customer challenge

Bottlenecks and process inefficiencies in fiber and cooking lines and twin roll presses affect the overall performance, leading to reduced production capacity and profitability.

  • Strengthening the maintenance process and finding opportunities for improvement by evaluating operation performance, scheduling and planning shut-downs, inspections during operation and shut-downs, spare part logistics management, and implementing industrial internet services such as:
  • Valmet performance center set-up
  • Remote support
  • Pulp Mill KPI monitoring

Agreement scope:
Mechanical and shutdown services for TwinRoll Presses in fiberlines 3 and 4, incl Cooking.


The overall maintenance process is strengthened, and production is optimized by removing bottlenecks, implementing improvements, and scheduling shut-downs. Resulting in increased profitability and improved production capability.

Keywords agreement, Europe, Sweden, twin roll press, fiberline, cooking


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