Valmet's doctor blade holders to meet each customer's specific requirements

Valmet’s doctor blade holders are produced to the specific requirements of the customer's processes. The durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant holders eliminate vibration, keep rolls and cylinders clean, and are easy to install and maintain.


Valmet Doctor Holder Compact1 is a 100% composite doctor blade holders with superior properties and performance which enables the use of wider blades, extending blade life and the time between replacements. Allows for faster and safer maintenance.
Valmet Doctor Holder Compact hybrid  enhances doctoring performance and cleanliness especially in positions where composite carrier cannot be used like positions in close proximity to steam box.
Valmet Doctor Holder Fit2 is a commonly used general purpose cleaning blade holder of 100% composite that works with all current blade materials.
Valmet Doctor Holder Fit Hybriddoctor blade holder is a combination of composite and aluminium. It enhances doctoring performance and cleanliness while also making blade replacement easier. Especially for cleaning positions that accumulate a lot of dirt throughout the paper and board making line.
Valmet Doctor Beam Composite4 is a 100% composite doctor cleaning doctor for forming and press section postions with limited space.
Valmet Doctor Beam Composite Lite5 cleaning doctor has a 100% composite structure. It is designed for narrow paper, board and tissue machines with less than 5m in width.  The FiberDoc Lite beam is a complete self-standing doctor where no support from saveall or machine frame is needed.




1 earlier known as LiteCompact
2 earlier known as LiteFit
earlier known as LiteFit Hybrid
earlier known as FiberDoc

5 earlier known as FiberDoc Lite