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Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector

Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector is a predictive diagnostics tool for detecting recovery boiler leaks. This innovative diagnostics application with advanced calculations enables boiler owners to detect even the smallest tube leaks in an unprecedented way.



  • Typically recognizes a 0.25–0.50% difference between the feedwater and the steam in the feedwater flow

  • Identifies critical leaks

  • Separates critical leaks from non-critical leaks

  • Combines advanced mass and chemical balance calculations

  • Chemical balance is typically calculated using phosphate as a tracer

  • No unnecessary alarms due to changes in load as boiler load swings are taken into account

  • Part of the Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer product portfolio

  • Can be implemented on any DCS


  • On-time boiler leak alarm

  • Reduced damage risks

  • Improved boiler safety

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