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Valmet DNA and MaxDNA learning services

Valmet’s professional training program is based on training modules, but always tailored to the needs of your personnel. The program can be carried out on-site, in a classroom environment at Valmet or off-site, using demo and simulator systems for hands-on practice.

We organize Valmet DNA and MaxDNA training locally in North America - in both US and Canada. Please have a look at the courses available below, and see the scheduled courses here. 

Valmet DNA Engineering I (5 days)

This Level I course provides detailed Valmet DNA configuration knowledge. An overview of the system architecture will be presented along with a detailed study of system configuration engineering software and it's relationship to system hardware. Use of appropriate CAD (control loops) and XML (graphics) based configuration tools will be learned. Participants will go through hands-on exercises in configuring typical control loops and graphic display. These will be tested on a running DCS and process demo in the classroom.


Valmet DNA Engineering II (5 days)

This Level II course provides detailed Valmet DNA configuration knowledge. This course is a direct extension of the knowledge gained from the Valmet DNA Engineering I course. Configuration engineering will consist of a CAD based tool and an XML graphics editor and participants will go through hands-on exercises in configuring advanced control loops. Topics include using tables, analog history, template creation and use, trends, and profiles.


Valmet DNA Maintenance (4 days)

This course provides a detailed understanding of the functions, structures, and system layout of Valmet DNA hardware. Network fundamentals are covered in the course due to the use of TCP/IP and ethernet in the automation system network. Faults, disturbances and failure recognition is learned as well as Valmet DNA diagnostic information and tools.


Valmet IQ Maintenance (5 days)


Valmet IQ Maintenance - Tissue (3 days)


maxDNA Configuration / Maintenance Combination (5 days)

The combination course is targeted for personnel with limited time yet with the responsibilities in both Maintenance and Configuration. Many topics are reviewed providing the student with a strong understanding of the maxDNAsystem in these subject areas. A solid base is established with the reference materials provided for more in depth study on each topic. The emphasis is placed on providing the students with the tools necessary to interrogate and modify an existing configuration. The maintenance of the system components (maxStation, DPU, I/O, and network) and their troubleshooting is also covered.


maxDNA System Overview (5 days)

This course provides a broad overview of the maxDNA System by introducing the student to the system features, functions, and capabilities. The course starts with an explanation of the system architecture and provides a summary of the system hardware components. All the major functions of the maxDNAsystem are presented along with an understanding of the tools necessary to interface with each of these features.

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