Customer case:

Economy meets ecology at Mondi Świecie PM 7 containerboard making line

Jul 25, 2018

Świecie PM 7 in Poland, which produced its first reel on 2009, is Mondi’s response to the growing trend towards lightweight corrugated case material. In PM 7 economy has been designed to meet ecology: maximum product quality is achieved with minimum environmental impact.

Valmet was selected to deliver the new line because they offered a technically advanced and proven concept at a competitive price. Our positive experience during the previous project also influenced the decision in favor of Valmet.”
Project Manager Maciej Janeczek, Mondi


Location Mondi Świecie mill in Poland
Solution PM 7 represents a very large Valmet delivery, extending from the recycled fiber line to the OptiConcept containerboard machine line. It also includes a comprehensive automation package with the latest quality control and diagnostic measurement technology.
Results The machine features the best available technology and is designed to operate with low water and energy consumption. The machine concept is flexible and allows optimization of the furnish composition and other factors, depending on market needs.
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, Europe

Technical data

Grades Recycled fluting and testliner
Basis weight 75 - 140 g/m²
Wire width 9600 mm
Design speed 1800 m/min
Annual capacity 470 000 t/a