Advantage AirCap Heli

The best drying uniformity and profiling capability ever with the new Advantage AirCap Heli

One of the problems that can trouble Tissue Producers is the uneven moisture profile at the reel, generating a footprint on the paper web. This problem, in turn, determines some other issues, such as poor runnability and further processing and an overall unacceptable quality of the finished product.

Valmet has developed a new Yankee hood which allows a perfectly even drying profile on one side and the possibility to correct a non-optimal moisture profile on the other. As a result, a better final product quality, with less converting problems and a higher profitability are achieved.

New features, new achievements

The arrangement of the crescent headers, normally oriented in Machine Direction in the patented Advantage AirCap Heli is tilted in Cross Direction. As a consequence, the average drying intensity transferred to the paper is perfectly uniform in Cross Direction, thus completely eliminating the hood footprint in any working condition.

Average drying intensity transferred to the paper is exceptionally perfectly uniform in Cross Direction

The new helical design determines a gradual average impingement speed variation with which the drying paper travels below the hood, as the crescent headers are at an angle and the paper always travels below two adjacent crescent headers

Gradual impingement speed change

Gradual impingement speed change

The new design allows an adjustable drying curve and possibility to fine tune the impingement speed curve for an optimal moisture profiling control. The typical control parameters, such as peak-to-peak and 2sigma, are therefore considerably improved.

With the high flexibility and effectiveness of the new Advantage AirCap Heli profiling system in mind, Valmet has also developed a fully automated system that allows continuous and automatic control of the moisture profile, to build the correct drying curve to be implemented by the profiling system of the hood for the best result at all times.