Spare parts and components

Valmet offers spare parts, replacement and spare rolls and spare parts packages for effective inventory and material management in pulp making. High availability of spare parts is essential in proactive shutdown planning and optimizing inventory, with the benefit of lowering the risk for part failures and reducing net working capital.

With the widest scope of reliable OEM-parts for Valmet machinery and approved replacement parts, we aim at easy purchasing and prompt deliveries. Valmet provides reliable purchasing of spare and wear parts with order tracking possibility and direct support with our experts in troubleshooting situations.

Spare parts and components

Beloit fabric guides

The reliable controlled travel of paper, board and tissue machine fabrics is based on dependable fabric guides.

Spare part service kits for Baling

Further value to the Shutdown planning.

Cutting arm with replacable cutting edge

Prolongs the service life by at least four times.




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