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Valmet Learning Services

Why do companies with similar technology generate different results?  Why do people with the same task vary in performance? 

The difference can be knowledge – and knowledge is the result of learning.


Research has shown that companies who align training goals with business targets perform better


Valmet Learning Services - Our comprehensive training offering ranges from basic to master level – giving you and your business the competitive edge required to move forward.

Understanding your KPIs is the starting point. From your KPIs we can help you design your Learning path. By going from basic to master level on the learning paths reliability and performance will improve.

The difference can be Knowledge

Knowledge can be acquired with Valmet Learning Services extensive offering - we give customers access to more than 150 courses and a variety of training services that can be tailored to your professional requirements.

Its up to you - You can do it, or you can master it.




People trained/year


Standardized courses


eLearning users


Online courses

Learning technologies

Modern tools to support your learning, anywhere, at any time. We provide Training Simulators, Online Learning and Valmet DNA Learning Systems

Learning community

Global network of Learning experts and Subject matter experts at your service. Connect Online with your peers.

Learning centers

Learning centers

Places to practice, learn and interact across the world. Open courses and seminars Demo equipment and pilot plants