OptiBright bleaching

For producers of high-quality printing papers, superior visual appearance is the key to satisfying customer needs. The high brightness of mechanical pulp provides a final product with improved printability and high opacity.

Valmet’s proven OptiBright bleaching systems produce mechanical pulps with maximum brightness for the highest quality printing papers with low chemical consumption and minimized environmental load.

Long experience of peroxide bleaching

Valmet has focused on bleaching research and development for more than 50 years and has become the leading supplier of environment-friendly chemical-pulping processes, including totally chlorine-free (TCF) and elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching.

In mechanical pulping, we have extensive experience of peroxide bleaching processes for all types of mechanical pulps, such as TMP, CTMP and PGW. Backed by this experience, our mechanical pulp bleaching systems represent an investment in extensive process know-how and long-term customer support.


As a consequence of the alkaline conditions, bleaching with peroxide increases the amount of dissolved solids. Accordingly, washing of the pulp after bleaching is of great importance to paper machine operating performance. Our recommendation is to install a wash press after the high-consistency bleach tower. The payback time of a wash press is less than a year based on increased paper machine efficiency and lower use of paper chemicals.