Rebuild of Myllykoski PM 4 exceeded expectations

Published Oct 12, 2004 14.00.00 +2 GMT

The PM 4 of Myllykoski Paper, Finland, was rebuilt last spring. The target of the "MWC 500" rebuild project was, as the project name implies, to raise the daily production from 470 tons to 500 tons. Now that the rebuilt machine has been running for more than one year the production figures have risen to 550 tons already.

According to Mr. Sverre Norrgård, President of Myllykoski Paper Oy, the rebuild project exceeded all expectations. "The MWC 500 was absolutely one of the best rebuild projects that I remember in this company. We had a clear target, we made definite plans together with Metso Paper and other suppliers, and we carried them out carefully. We should actually have named the project "MWC 550" at the very beginning."

As Myllykoski Paper and Metso Paper wanted to guarantee the success of the project, the parties agreed on an extensive, one-year cooperation project to be carried out after the rebuild. The purpose of the project was to exceed the targets set for the project and to develop the production line effiency further. The cooperation was also one of the factors supporting the success of the machine rebuild. "The line has been operating in an excellent way from the very start, says Mr. Tuomo Tuomela, Manager of the Coated Paper Unit. Our annual capacity is 200,000 tons and we have met the targets set for the project, both quality and production-wise.

According to Sverre Norrgård, an essential help for the success of the project was an extensive zero accidents program which was launched at the same time and carried out successfully. During the program over 1000 persons participating in the MWC 500 project or working at the PM 4 area were trained in safety issues.

The rebuild of the PM 4 off-line coater comprised two new OptiCoat Jet coating stations, a rereeler, an OptiReel M, the rebuild of machine circulations equipped with OptiAir deaerators as well as a metsoDNA process control system.

Myllykoski Paper Oy belongs to the international Myllykoski Corporation. The company's Anjalankoski Mill produces and markets wood-containing printing papers. The product range includes uncoated SC papers and coated MWC papers with an annual capacity of 540,000 tons. The company employs 850 persons.

More information: Veijo Siren, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Inc., +358 20482 7765 Sverre Norrgård, President, Myllykoski Paper Oy, tel. +358 5 851 2270 Tuomo Tuomela, Manager of coated paper unit, Myllykoski Paper Oy, tel. +358 5 851 2377