Biomass-fired steam boiler plant keeps Valio’s cheese plant running

Nov 21, 2013

A steam boiler plant supplied by Valmet*) generates the steam and heat needed by Valio’s Lapinlahti milk processing plant in Finland. The plant is fueled by wood chips and peat. Wood chips now account for 50–60% of the fuel mix, but their share will eventually be increased to 100%.

Valmet’s delivery included all of the necessary installations, commissioning and a Metso DNA automation system. The annual operation of the plant is around 8,500 hours, and its process steam output is approximately 140 GWh/a.

The boiler is based on Valmet BFB Boiler's (HYBEX at the time) bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology, which enables the use of a wide range of fuels. The boiler output is 20.0 MWth, and the output of the auxiliary boiler included in the delivery is 12.4 MWth. For the boiler solution and automation, particular attention was paid to the boiler plant’s load variations, as the production plant’s steam requirements vary greatly owing to the nature of the process.

“Valio is investing in the development of its energy generation structure and in the recovery of waste energy streams with the goal of improving energy efficiency, achieving lower emissions and increasing the use of domestic fuels. The use of domestic fuels will also benefit other players in the area,” says Technical Manager Esa Mäkipelto of Valio.

*) Metso until Dec 31, 2013