Inline conductivity measurements for pharmaceutical and industrial applications

Valmet inline conductivity measurements

Valmet offers accurate and durable in-line conductivity measurements. Valmet conductivity meters are based on 4-electrode technology developed by Kemotron A/S in the 1960’s. Thanks to its unique design, the sensors are resistant to scaling, which means superior accuracy with minimum maintenance. Valmet offers conductivity meters for heavy industries as well as sanitary applications in pharmaceutical plants and dairies. Valmet conductivity meters have a typical life time of more than 10 years, even in the most demanding applications. Some conductivity meters have worked since the 1980’s and still continue to measure at good accuracy.

Sanitary applications

Applications for pharmaceutical industry 

EHEDG certification 

  • Water for injection (WFI) measurements
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) and Steaming in place control
  • Portable conductivity analyzer

Applications for food, dairies and beverage

EHEDG certification

  • Cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Phase separation


Industrial applications

Applications for pulp & paper mills

Applications for nuclear power plants

  • Conductivity measurements for nuclear power plants
  • Durable conductivity measurements for power plants 
  • Portable conductivity analyzer