Next step to structured tissue

Valmet's Advantage QRT and Advantage eTAD technologies for tissue making meets the increasing market demands of products with high absorption, bulk and softness. It also provides a sustainable process and low energy consumption. The new tissue making concepts enables a wider range of tissue makers to get access to the premium and ultra premium market.

QRT and eTAD - whats new?

High bulk and absorbency at low energy consumption
The receipt to reach the highest bulk and absorbency is normally to avoid pressing and blow hot air through the web. With Valmet’s new tissue making concepts it is possible to achieve premium and ultra-premium quality utilizing pressing in combination with Rush Transfer. This means significantly lower energy consumption compared to other structured tissue processes.


Bulk increase utilized in different ways


Advantage QRT and
Advantage eTAD technologies

Valmet is proud to present that we now can offer the Advantage eTAD technology developed by Georgia-Pacific as well as our own Advantage QRT technology to customers who are looking for cost efficient ways to enter new market segments with high quality products produced in a sustainable way. The eTAD technology is available for customers outside North America. Both technologies are today running in commercial operation.

Both technologies are utilizing Rush transfer to create increased bulk and thereby absorbency. Pressing increase dryness and improve energy efficiency.

Tissue Quality

  • Premium tissue products for higher softness and bulk
  • Premium towel products for highest bulk, absorbency and stretch
  • High bulk can be used to reduce fiber cost in various ways
  • Flexibility to make different products
  • Production with a wide range of fibers including specialty fibers

Sustainable Process

  • Less fibers
  • Less natural gas and electricity
  • Less water