Maintenance and shutdown services

Controlling maintenance costs and keeping production assets in top working condition are some of the main requirements for pulp makers looking for reliable maintenance and shutdown management.

Our maintenance services include planning, executing and managing development and maintenance actions. This includes implementing annual shutdowns together with your team. Both own and outsourced resources are optimally utilized for minimizing unnecessary costs, schedule overruns and downtime.

With Valmet-wide network of skilled personnel and dedicated service workshops, we offer proactive maintenance management and timely execution through on-site reconditioning during shutdowns, modernizations, upgrades, process development and maintenance management and programs. Our maintenance and shutdown services are available regardless of the original technology supplier.

Spare Part Services

Ease of purchase, reliable and prompt logistics and information sharing.


Safety in shutdown management

Safety in shutdown management

Safety is essential in shutdown management. Valmet is committed to improving the health, safety and environmental performance of its operations and of the industries it serves.

Maximum equipment performance through modular service solutions

Maximum equipment performance through modular service solutions

Modular service solutions offer pulp and papermakers clearer choices for the maintenance of all rolls and equipment for fiber production.

Log receiving - Maintenance and shutdown services

GentleFeed condition test

The GentleFeed condition test provides information about the actual condition of the machine.


Debarking - Maintenance and shutdown services

EasyTyre condition test

The debarking drum condition test provides information about the true condition of the machine.

Debarking drum lining

Extra life time for your debarking drum. Recovering the thickness and maintaining the performance


Chipping - Maintenance and shutdown services

Bedknife Reconditioning

A bedknife can be reconditioned about ten times depending on the degree of wear.

Bedknife Upgrade

Improved chip quality and easier adjustment of knife to bedknife gap.

Feed Spout Reconditioning

Guarantees stable and continuous infeeding.

Chipper function and condition test

The condition of the chipper is key to the production of high quality chips.

Service agreement for disc chippers

Guarantees reliable chip production and consistent chip quality.

Chipper Audit

Improve availability and end-product quality via pre-maintenance audit.

Chipper knife cleaning machine

Fast and safe cleaning of the chipper knifes.

Valmet chipper disc safety locking device

Safer maintenance of your chipper


Chip screening - Maintenance and shutdown services


Valmet NanoPlate, a special coating, eliminates blocked screen-plate holes.

Chip screen condition test

Aims at improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.


Chip storing - Maintenance and shutdown services

Reclaim Screw Reconditioning

To maximize wood handling capacity and minimize downtime.

Reclaimer condition test

Aim at improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs.




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