Upgrades to Increase Capacity and Save the Environment

High-yield, low-cost rebuilds and upgrades can help you stay competitive, achieve environmental goals, and increase the service life of your assets as costs far below those of new construction.


The operation environment changes continuously, and demands new requirement on capacity, emissions, fuel range and so forth. This means new challenges for you and your plant. Valmet has all the necessary know-how and resources to provide you with expert assistance and to manage complete projects, all in the shortest possible time frame. We have rebuild a significant number of power and recovery boilers worldwide, with excellent results.

Valmet can help you with supplying numbers of possible rebuilds to meet enhanced demands in:

  • Capacity
  • Emission performance
  • Lifetime extension
  • Availability
  • Efficiency
  • Water circulation
  • Fuel quality

Convert old boiler to extend lifetime

Another possibility to meet new requirements is to convert an old boiler to fluidized bed technology. A customized rebuild can often increase the service life of a recovery boiler, an evaporation plant, or a power boiler by ten to 15 years, at costs far below those of new construction.

The main incentives for converting a boiler is fuel flexibility, the possibilities to switch to biomass firing and fulfill stricter emission limits. By converting an old boiler, the investment cost will be far lower, with a faster delivery schedule (about half the delivery time for a new boiler), and easier building permit.  

We have the experience to convert several types of boilers:

  • Grate-fired boilers
  • Pulverized coal boilers
  • Recovery boilers