Safe & Reliable cleaning of smelt spouts

Valmet Smelt Spout Cleaning Robot

Our Smelt Spout Cleaning Robot efficiently removes smelt deposits from recovery boiler smelt spouts in a carefully designed sequence. The spout rodder ensures stable smelt flow, optimum cleaning and trouble free, safe boiler operation. The robot will keep your smelt spouts clean, saving you time and money.

The robot is available in standard sizes to suit any smelt spout layout, and behavior is designed to fit the specific boiler operation. The robot is available with a range of advanced options. To date, Valmet has delivered 10 Smelt Spout Cleaning Robots.


The spout robot ensures a healthier work environment, and operators can easily monitor the process from the control room. Other advantages are:  

  • Personnel safety: No need of personnel near smelt spouts
  • Simple and safe to install: Just hang the support gantry on the boiler and identify the spouts to the robot
  • Persistent: 24 hours careful cleaning
  • Splendid observation: Cameras from robot tip too area coverage
  • Reliable: Long life and care free operation
  • Saves money: Cleans spouts regardless of operator workload