Mutual benefits from the changing environment

Dec 19, 2014

The changing business environment is creating new demands for Valmet and the industries it serves. The scarcity of raw materials and the need to abate climate change are increasing demand for more environmentally effective industrial processes. At the same time, responsible operations from cradle to grave have become a factor that cannot be compromised.

How do you think these changes will affect businesses?

Laura Puustjärvi, Head of Sustainability at Valmet, emphasizes two key developments among the current trends.

LP: First, regulation is becoming stricter both locally and globally. Secondly, cultural change is affecting corporations around the world: responsible business practices already are a must and a license to operate for us and our customers.

Initiatives such as China’s 12th 5-year plan, the US Climate Change Strategy, and the European Union Climate and Energy Policy, are guiding the development towards more environmentally benign industrial processes. As a global company we carefully monitor the changes in regulations, and provide solutions accordingly to enable our customers to comply with the respective regulations.

The demand for responsible business practices is reinforced by the requirements for more transparent reporting of performance from independent organizations, from governments and from the EU.

How does Valmet respond to the demands arising from the changing environment?

LP: We acknowledge that our customers require continuous improvement in profitability and efficiency – in a more sustainable way. In order to ensure competitiveness for us and for our customers now and in the future, we actively work together with our customers to continuously increase our understanding of their needs.

Furthermore, sustainability criteria is being increasingly used in partner selection. To maintain and enhance our position as responsible and value adding partner, we have defined a sustainability agenda that drives the continuous development of our sustainability performance. By fostering responsible practices, transparency and global alignment in all areas of our business, we want to help our stakeholders to assess our performance.

Valmet recognizes that the changing business environment creates opportunities for it and for its customers. What does this mean?

LP: As demand for more environmentally efficient processes and end-products increases, companies’ ability to respond to these needs can turn them into a competitive advantage.

We ensure our competitiveness and that of our customers by delivering technologies that enable environmentally efficient processes. Valmet’s solutions have excellent potential to reduce the use of energy, water and raw material, and produce less industrial waste. In addition, our technology enables increased utilization of renewable raw materials and fuel sources. Our services help to maximize the benefits that are enabled by the technology.