Pressure groundwood (PGW)

For producers of wood-containing printing papers, visual quality improvement is the key to satisfying the customer needs.

Top quality and cost-efficiency for wood-containing

Valmet’s pressure grinders and complete PGW processes produce mechanical pulps for the highest quality wood-containing products at low energy consumption and environmental load. They are also the best possible choice in terms of process flexibility.

  • Cost-efficiency through low energy consumption
  • Superior printability and optical properties
  • Flexibility and production efficiency
  • Single-stage pulping
  • Low environmental load


Grinders - Process and automation upgrades

Grinder rebuild

Stable production with grinder rebuilds

Segments for grinders

Galileo is the new grinding segment concept Valmet has developed jointly with mechanical pulp producing customers. The target of the project was cutting production costs in an energy-intensive mechanical pulping production process.