Reduce your yearly fuel costs by 30%

FuelDiet™ KCl Corrosion solution

Use low-priced fuels without increasing the risk of superheater

Alkali chloride induced corrosion is one of the majorFuel and combustion management risks and reason for
superheater maintenance needs in biomass and recovered fuel firing boilers in
power generation industry. The corrosion rate can be very high and may cause
non-predictable failures and immediate need for shutdown.

The FuelDiet™ KCl Corrosion solution provide tools to control the risk of alkali
chloride induced superheater corrosion, save in fuel costs, increase
transparency in power plant’s daily fuel and combustion management and gives
real time estimate of the remaining lifetime of the superheaters.

Action based on real-time sensing

The solution consists of the following blocks:

  1. FuelDiet™ knowhow and software platform for data analyses and decision making.
  2. New type of sensors to gather information of the process atmosphere.
  3. Measures and remedies like FuelDiet™ control or additive feeding system and additives to control the challenge of high temperature corrosion.

Four performance levels for varying customer needs

We can offer four performance levels to cover varying customer needs. Start by
monitor and control and later broaden out to predict and/or partner package.
Monitor and control -packages are available as stand-alone product and executed like project and predict and partner- packages as agreement based service with monthly fee.