Improve the lifetime of the smelt spout and provide a safer work environment

Valmet Smelt Spout based on proven technology

The purpose of the Smelt Spout is to transport char bed deposits from the furnace to the dissolving tank. By using our smelt spout, you will get an efficient, stable and controlled smelt flow, reducing noise and hazardous smelt risks.

Our smelt spout can be utilized on any recovery boiler, and it is suitable for your local boiler condition. Valmet has a high set goal to be able to supply spare parts for our customers.

The smelt spout is based on proven technology, and our smelt spout area is a complete solution with tube openings, wall box, spout, hoods, shattering equipment and washing of doghouse. We are continuously improving the lifetime of the smelt spout and working on minimizing the risk of dangerous situations with smelt spouts. The benefits of our smelt spout cooling system are water-cooled smelt spout operated under negative pressure and redundant cooling water supply.

Valmet has installed smelt spouts in recovery boilers all over the world for more than 40 years.