A matter of mutual trust

Aug 28, 2013

The Hayat Kimya team set the word speed record of 2,210 m/min for tissue machines in June 2012.

“We consider Valmet (until Dec. 31, 2013 Metso Paper) not only to be a supplier of first-class equipment, over the years friendly relations have been established and we are happy that our cooperation is continuing,” Syktyvkar Tissue Group, Russia.
“Valmet has been a reliable and trustworthy partner for our previous installations and we are pleased to continue our good cooperation also in this new project,” Hayat Kimya AS, Turkey.
“Collaborating with top level companies who can supply equipment which ensures quality and support of great expertise has always been important to us,” Forestal y Papelera Concepción, Chile.

Three statements from three tissue producers explaining what they consider most important when choosing a business partner for years to come: first-class equip­ment that ensures high-quality products, expertise, and friendly and trustworthy relations. This explains why so many tissue producers decide to place repeat orders with Metso.

Understanding the challenges

During the past 12 years Valmet has sold close to 100 tissue machines worldwide. Almost three quarters of these machines are operated by tissue producers who own from two and up to as many as eight Metso tissue machines. Among the customers you can find the entire range of tissue producers, from the “big four” global tissue companies with wide technology skills who want to develop technical solutions in partnership with Valmet, to newcomers with no previous experience of tissue making. Orhan Ogücü, Chairman, Marmara Group, who owns two Valmet machines in Turkey, put it like this: “To supply a tissue machine isn’t just about the scope of supply. It is the idea that the supplier needs to know what to do before and after the project period, what to do in order for the mill to operate efficiently, at least for the next 10 years. It is only possible if the supplier thinks and acts as the customer. In this respect, Valmet has met our expectations.”

Spending time building relations

Mutual trust and long-term relations have been of the utmost importance for Hayat Kimya AS, Turkey, when selecting a tissue machine supplier. Trust in technology and trust in people. Only seven years ago they were a newcomer in the tissue industry. Today, Hayat is a global player in the tissue market and is also the current holder of the world speed record which was set on their machine in 2012. They have just decided to order their third and fourth tissue machines from Valmet. “It is all about trust. You can have the best technology in the world but without good cooperation based on trust you will not succeed.” The words come from Lütfi Aydin, Group Paper Director. “Spending time building relations between the supplier’s team and the mill team is of the utmost importance. Good cooperation brings success in the end.”

Sharing information and developing together

Lütfi Aydin talks about their previous installation in Turkey Lütfi Aydin, Group Paper Director.and how the two teams worked together in a friendly atmosphere. “We are confident that Valmet always gives high priority to our concerns and shares their expertise with us. Together we can discuss and our team gets involved to find the best solution for us. We feel that Valmet believes in us, which is inspiring and gives confidence.” Lütfi Aydin, Group Paper Director.   For Hayat’s coming installation in Alabuga, Russia, human relations, training and Best Available Technology will all be success factors. Lütfi Aydin explains: “In Turkey, we are familiar with the technology and have very skilled machine operators. But at our new mill in Russia the team will be inexperienced and needs training. Still, it is important not to lose time and motivation.” However, he is convinced that Valmet will repeat the previous quick installation, commissioning, and start-up in Izmit, Turkey. “We had a very steep start-up curve and the machine was producing saleable paper from the first hour. The technology is easy to operate and has good accessibility. Even when running at world record speed we reached an efficiency of 93%. Not all can perform at that level even at low speed. The technical advantages of the Advantage DCT technology are significant.”

Believing in each other

Mutual trust must of course be mutual. It is as essential for a supplier to have fruitful relations and cooperation with their customers as vice versa. “The great number of repeat orders is proof that our way of working as partners is rewarding for both sides,” says Jan Erikson, VP Sales, Valmet Tissue business. “We are often impressed by our customers’ dedication and determination to build first-class tissue manufacturing facilities. Our fast installations and start-ups result from excellent team work between us and our customers. It is also evidence of the fact that our technology is optimized for customer needs, efficient installation, and cost-efficient production.”


Lütfi Aydin from Hayat Kimya was handed the placard for their world speed Lütfi Aydin from Hayat Kimya was handed the placard for their world speed record by Jan Erikson of Valmet.


Spending a long time together in a delivery project does foster individual relations between people. “It is more a rule than an exception that our customers request the same Valmet people for their next project. Luckily, we have many skilled and experienced employees so we are usually able to fulfill the wish,” concludes Jan Erikson.