Refiner segments for board and paper machines

Working closely with papermakers, Valmet develops technologies and solutions that optimize performance based upon the pulp processing needs and refining goals of each customer mill. Valmet serves customers with the most complete offering of refining technology in the industry. Our vast array of low consistency and high consistency refiner segments, segments and fillings help drive performance across any application.


Ensuring the proper refining consistency can

More patterns, optimum design

Valmet refining experts work with customers to consider these parameters and develop segment solutions to optimize their specific refining processes and move their performance forward.

Using the resources and expertise first introduced by legacy segment manufacturer J&L Fiber Services, Valmet refining experts guide customers through a six-step refiner optimization process to identify each mill’s top challenges and propose distinct options to enhance refiner productivity through segment design, pattern and alloy selection. 

Depending upon the goals of each mill, this collaborative process works to

  • Improve pulp strength
  • Increase refining capacity
  • Reduce fiber plugging
  • Reduce fines
  • Increase segment life
  • Optimize bar width
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase production rates
  • Reduce shive levels
  • Implement safer designs








Low consistency refiner segments

Low consistency refiner segments

Valmet Low consistency refiner segments give customers the flexibility to customize their approach to fiber processing to achieve specific goals in refining performance. Our refining experts works in close cooperation with customers to design and produce segments that are tailored to their individual needs.