OptiSizer Combi combining two different application methods

When paper top and bottom sides might have completely different needs, OptiSizer Combi might be the solution for you. Different size application methods can be combined into one process in order to get the benefits of both technologies.

With combined film and pond application

  • Film application is for lower basis weight grades
  • Pond application is for higher basis weight grades that need higher penetration

With combined film and spray application

Film on topside:

  • Enables coating
  • Gives high wet strength

Spray on backside

  • No consumables (rods and rod beds)
  • Higher dry content, less drying
  • High total starch pick-up and easy adjustment

We invite you to carry out your size application trials to Järvenpää, Finland at Paper Technology Center on the world's fastest and most modern pilot sizing and coating machine.